Nanjing-Shanghai Expressway is one of the most upscale highways in China and a golden passage in the Yangtze River Delta. XCMG’s unmanned fleet consisted of 10 tandem rollers and two full width pavers, all under the unified command of the BeiDou satellite positioning reference station. Supported by technologies such as the very precise positioning of BeiDou, inertial navigation and obstacle recognition, the fleet accomplished the programmed tasks, including driving, steering and rolling compaction.

“This unmanned road maintenance and construction project has brought us to the stage of ‘intelligent maintenance.’ The inspection pass rate is much higher than that of traditional manual construction, and the technologies XCMG’s unmanned vehicles have excelled in construction efficiency and control accuracy, “said Li Xin, Deputy General Manager of Jiangsu Xiandai Road & Bridge Co. Ltd.

XCMG has applied its unique and proprietary continuous asphalt thickness measurement radar technology to this unmanned road maintenance project, which is well ahead of traditional core measurement which Continuously and accurately measures the thickness of paved asphalt without damage, reaching a maximum depth of 120mm and ensuring a measurement error of ± 1mm. The technology provides an accurate basis for real-time coating thickness control and improves coating accuracy and build quality.

The unmanned fleet met all construction and maintenance requirements through grid thickness, compaction and coefficient of friction tests.

XCMG has always placed intelligent unmanned technology as a focus of research and has managed to achieve standardized application on Panzhihua-Dali Expressway, Liuzhou-Nanning Expressway, Beijing-Xiong’an Expressway and Beijing Expressway -Dezhou.

“In the future, XCMG will continue to engage in the R&D of intelligent and unmanned products, truly achieving the standardization of unmanned engineering construction and reshaping a very complex and difficult construction. With intelligent sensing and control, digital construction, and unmanned technology as its core, XCMG is dedicated to delivering high quality, customized intelligent solutions to customers, ”said Lige Xue, R&D engineer at XCMG.


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