Niobium technology improves vehicle safety standards and reduces accident severity

SAO PAULO, July 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The World Rescue Organization (“WRO”) and CBMM, a world leader in niobium technologies, announce a new global partnership to advance road safety and reduce crash fatalities by improving vehicle safety standards and supporting the development of accident rescue technical stations.

The WRO and CBMM are members of the Global Road Safety Partnership, share a commitment to reducing road fatalities and support the World Health Organization’s Decade of Action for Road Safety 2021-2030 – which aims to halve the number of road deaths and serious accidents by 2030. According to the WHO, more than 3,500 people die every day on the roads, which is equivalent to almost 1.3 million preventable deaths and approximately 50 million injuries each year.

The partnership between the CBMM and the WRO will include:

  • Share information on the development of new automotive materials and their impact on post-crash response and rescue techniques
  • Identify initiatives to promote improved vehicle manufacturing standards in regions that do not currently apply global best practice standards
  • Monitor automotive trends, such as the deployment of electric vehicles, and their impact on road safety and accident response.

The WRO represents rescue services around the world, striving to raise standards and save lives by sharing skills and information among its members. The objectives of the WRO include introducing and maintaining a worldwide standard for dealing with traffic collisions.

CBMM’s Executive Director of Market Development, Fabio D’Aiuto, said: “Despite the huge improvements in vehicle safety that have been achieved in recent years, we all need to do more to reduce the currently unacceptable level of fatalities from to accidents. We see the partnership with the WRO as an important opportunity to contribute to this effort by using our respective skills to identify practical solutions.”

President of the WRO, Paul Schrödersaid: “CBMM is pushing the boundaries of new materials and their applications in vehicle design, understanding these developments and the implications for rescue personnel in post-crash incident management will greatly benefit the people they are called upon to to rescue. We see great benefit in connecting those who produce specialist materials such as CBMM, automotive manufacturers, lifesaving equipment tool manufacturers and rescue personnel who can all work together to reduce fatalities and injuries on the road. »


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WRO and CBMM announce partnership to increase road safety


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