On the stand, visitors from all sectors of industry were able to experience innovative machines and technological solutions from the Wirtgen Group and John Deere.

With a total of 11 exhibitions of Wirtgen, Vogele, Ham, Kleemann and John Deerethe specialized public of The world of asphalt a sample of comprehensive and market-oriented solutions for the entire road construction process chain was presented. At the show, the focus was on the critical issues of profitability and sustainability.

With the W 120 Fi, the cold milling machine specialist Wirtgen celebrated the premiere of a model from the new generation of compact milling machines.

The W 120 Fi is one of three machines from the new generation of compact milling machines manufactured by Wirtgen. Alongside the world premiere, Wirtgen also presented its “big brother”: the W 210 Fi.

Technologies from the F-Series of large milling machines are now installed on board the 1 meter class machines, including the Mill Assist digital assistance systems, Wirtgen Performance Tracker (WPT) and the Level Pro Active leveling system.

Vögele pavers are distinguished by optimum efficiency and ease of use, and visitors to the fair got a closer look at the SUPER 700i mini-class paver with the AB 200, which with a standard working width only 3 feet. 7″, is Vögele’s smallest extendable table.

Vögele presented a range of high performance pavers of all sizes – from the smallest road paver, the SUPER 700i and the SUPER 1800-3i SprayJet paver to the 10ft. class SUPER 2000-3i.

The special class was represented by the SUPER 1800-3i SprayJet, which applies a bitumen emulsion and places the asphalt surfacing in a single pass. Developed specifically for the North American market, the SUPER 2000-3i 10 ft. class paver, in combination with the VF 600 extendable screed with front extensions, aroused particular interest at the trade fair.

As examples of its extensive product range, Hamm presented the articulated tandem rollers HD 12i VV and HD+ 120i VV-HF (high frequency) and the swivel steered tandem roller DV+ 70i VV-S. With the HD 14i TT compact tire roller, the roller specialists presented another new machine for the North American market.

New for the North American market, Hamm’s compact pneumatic roller impressed show visitors with a working width of 50.2 in. and a maximum operating weight of 9,702 lbs.

The MOBIREX MR 110i EVO2 impact crusher from Kleemann stands for efficient processing of recycling materials. Visitors to the stand were particularly interested in the machine’s SPECTIVE CONNECT operating concept. This improved version of the SPECTIVE operating concept can now display all relevant process information and reports on a smartphone, which means, for example, that the operator can remain in the cab of the excavator or wheel loader, while monitoring the installation.

In Nashville, the MR 110i EVO2 was shown with a John Deere 904 P-Tier wheel loader. As a production system, this pair of machines exhibited at World of Asphalt was also a striking example of the comprehensive portfolio that the group of companies offers as solutions for the entire road construction process chain.

The SPECTIVE CONNECT from Kleemann is now also available for the mobile impact crusher MOBIREX MR 110/130(i) EVO2.

Closely focused on the entire road construction process chain

“The Wirtgen Group supports its customers in meeting the growing demand for infrastructure quickly and cost-effectively and simultaneously addresses significant global challenges with regard to compliance with environmental protection and human safety requirements and of nature,” said Jim McEvoy. , Chairman and CEO of Wirtgen America.

Speaking of the show, McEvoy said, “Face-to-face discussions with attendees were very good. We had constructive discussions and visitors showed great interest in our solutions.”

For more information, visit www.wirtgen-group.com.

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