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The RAC is urging motorists to slow down and watch out for wildlife when traveling on regional roads, after animal collision claims spiked in April.

Over the recent Easter long weekend, RAC received 70 animal collision claims in just four days.

There were 20 complaints made on Easter Sunday alone, double the daily average of last year.

RAC claims manager Glen Walker said it was encouraging that so many West Australians are traveling in our areas, but it can be dangerous for drivers and surrounding wildlife.

“Forty percent of animal collisions occur at dawn and dusk. These are popular times for roadside foraging wildlife,” Walker said.

“There are always risks in driving in the region, especially in winter conditions where less daylight means more time driving in the dark.

“We recommend that drivers stick to daylight hours whenever possible to reduce risk. If you must drive in the dark, reduce your speed, use your high beams and stay alert.

“If you spot an animal, slow down, don’t swerve and stay in your lane to avoid losing control.”

The most common animal collisions are with kangaroos, emus, dogs, cows and birds.

“So far in 2022, kangaroos have accounted for nearly 90% of our animal collision claims,” ​​Walker said.

“We encourage drivers to stay focused and watch for kangaroo and wildlife signs. If you see a kangaroo, be careful as they rarely travel alone.

If you have been involved in a collision and are concerned about the injured animal, please call the Wildcare helpline on 9474 9055.

RAC tips for avoiding a collision with an animal:
• If you spot an animal, brake gently and don’t swerve
• Watch for other animals if you see a lone animal or an animal killed on the road
• Pay attention to yellow wildlife warning signs
• Plan most of your daytime driving
• Use your high beams in rural areas if you must travel at night and if it is safe to do so
• Watch out for the reflective eyes of animals in front of you

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