The following roads are under construction in Weld County, which may impact your driving in the days and weeks to come:

Weld County Road 35, from Weld 44 to 46: Closed until Friday for culvert repair.

Solder 44, from Col. 60 to Solder 29: Closed until Friday for culvert replacement.

Solder 54, from Solder 17 to Col. 257: Closed until Friday for culvert replacement.

Solder 42, from Solder 35 to 39: Daytime closures until April 22 for road construction.

Solder 15, from Solder 40 to 42: Work until April 22 for installing the utility.

Weld 2.5, from weld 29 to dead end: Closed until April 25 for bridge replacement. A temporary diversion bridge will be put in place.

Solder 19, from Solder 70 to 72: Closed until April 29 for culvert replacement.

Solder 70, from solder 39 to 41: Closed until April 29 for culvert replacement.

Solder 13, from solder 42 to 44: Work until April 29 to repair oil and gas pipelines.

Weld 29.5, from Weld 12 to Mountain Sky Drive: Work until May 13 for road construction.

Weld 4, from weld 39 to 45: Closed until May 20 for bridge deck replacement.

Solder 34, from solder 49 to 53: Daytime closures until May 20 for road construction.

Solder 7, from Col. 56 (Weld 44) ​​to Weld 48: Working through May 31 for Interstate Improvements.

Welding 80, from US 85 to Welding 37: Closed until June 15 for bridge replacement.

Intersection Weld 35 and 74 (Collins Street): Work until July 29 for the construction of a roundabout.

Weld 35, from Weld 64 to 66 (North 35th Avenue from O Street to AA Street): Work until September 1 for the construction of the roundabout.

Solder 22, from solder 31 to 41: Closed from April 25 to June 17 for road works and repairs to the bridge deck.

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