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The Washington, DC, District Department of Transportation (DDOT) recently ramped up its safety improvement plans.

Work began this week and includes the installation of speed bumps and stop signs; right turn hardening measures; concrete curb extensions; high visibility pedestrian crossings; extended intervals for leading pedestrians; and the installation of visual and concrete reminders to drivers that they must drive responsibly.

“The heartbreaking traffic accidents of the past few weeks have reminded us all that road safety is paramount,” said Everett Lott, Acting Director of DDOT. “We are increasing workloads and streamlining processes to complete our safety improvement projects faster, and we are also doing what we can to deter reckless driver behavior that is causing these senseless tragedies. “

The DDOT will also target 100 intersections in the district’s high risk accident and injury corridors annually and post progress reports on the DDOT website.

In addition to security projects, DDOT streamlined the community engagement process.

By reforming the road safety investigation program, the DDOT will be able to investigate, design and implement road safety improvements more quickly. Security enhancements will be installed as quickly as possible and will not be subject to delays caused by multiple reviews or comment periods.

In-house engineers from other projects and contractor resources have been added to speed up the process.

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