Video clips published by MAPFRE Middlesea and Malta Public Transport serving as road safety education have come under scrutiny for their implications in terms of racial and gender stereotypes and have subsequently been ‘suspended’ by the company.

The National Commission for the Promotion of Equality (NCPE) has officially called for the removal of these video clips from both entities due to their problematic representation of race and gender.

While the NCPE acknowledged that these portrayals could be unintentional, the videos still show racialized characters through specific skin colors and hair textures, with black characters portrayed negatively. Women and men have also been given stereotypical gender roles inside and outside the household.

The NCPE said published material should be free from racist and gender stereotypes in order to prevent prejudice and equality in society. The withdrawal of these video clips is to be expected, said the instance.

Organizations can contact the NCPE for help and training on equality, discrimination and harassment.

In a reactionary statement, Malta Public Transport said it “would like to ensure that its educational content clearly communicates its values ​​of inclusion and equal opportunity, therefore the campaign will be put on hold until it is completed. has been discussed with all stakeholders and a consensus is reached as to the best road safety awareness method.

The company said it has contacted the National Commission for the Promotion of Equality, Black Lives Matter Malta and the African Media Association to discuss educational videos produced to promote road safety in Malta.

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