Alleges Dakhin Banasree student of Sejuti school

Photo: Muntakim Saad / Star


Photo: Muntakim Saad / Star

Kaniz Fatema Sejuti, a known face of the road safety protest in Rampura and a student at Dakhin Banasree Model High School and College, said today that the school principal was preventing her from joining the movement.

“The principal called me, my father and I, at school today and told me that our requests were logical and that the government had agreed to them. He told me not to join the demonstration anymore.” , Sejuti told the Daily Star tonight.

“He [the principal] Said if the police stopped my dad, putting a gun… What would we do, do we have that kind of back-up? I said, my father is not a criminal, why would the police arrest him? “Asked the student.

“The manager then said that if I had the slightest desire to be in politics, he would try to get me involved in the Chhatra League through his channel. I told him I had no desire to join a political party. I am participating in a logical movement for safe roads, ”Sejuti said.

The school student was unable to join the protest today as she had to be at the school to meet the principal.

When this correspondent called Alam Sarder, the institution’s acting director, he said he only called Sejuti’s father to check their background.

“What she said is not true. If they are protesting needlessly on the roads even after the government has accepted their demands, I, as a teacher, can talk to them. Our final exam is over. I wanted to know if our students were protesting the roads, ”he said, refuting other allegations.

Students have taken to the streets after bus fares have risen in recent times following a rise in diesel prices. The protest grew and called for road safety after two students were killed in the capital by recklessly driven vehicles.

After CSE candidate Mainuddin was run over by a bus in Rampura on November 29, the protest gathered momentum and have been taking place regularly in Rampura since then.

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