PUMA Energy Tanzania has expressed its determination and commitment to support the government’s efforts to reduce road accidents, which claim Tanzanians’ lives and cause disabilities.

The company’s director of legal and corporate affairs, Mr. Goodluck Shirima, said on Wednesday when launching a picture drawing competition for elementary school students.

The company also used the same platform to wrap up road safety training for students, an initiative that provided school children with an education and understanding of road safety issues.

“The aim of involving schoolchildren is because we believe that most of them are exposed to road risks and therefore road safety awareness must be given to them from their childhood to prevent them from road accidents. and save their lives, ”Mr. Shirima said.

He said road safety is the company’s number one corporate social responsibility (CSR) priority.

Mr Shirima said they started the road safety training program in 2013 and so far have reached 100 schools where they have trained more than 120,000 children.

“We have tested the effectiveness of the training, which has shown that in all the schools where we have provided the training, the awareness has greatly increased,” he said, adding that in the years to come , the company would provide road safety training to schools in other parts of the country.

Mr Shirima said they aimed to reach all primary schools in the country, with a road safety training program, further promising that the company would continue to invest in the road safety awareness campaign and ensure to keep it one of its priorities.

“In order to ensure that road safety awareness is passed on to our children, we will work closely with the various authorities concerned, including traffic police, government, city officials and teachers.” he insisted

Speaking, some teachers and students who spoke at the event said the training and the drawing competition came at the right time as they would help reduce traffic accidents affecting students.

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