PRESIDENT Samia Suluhu Hassana issued key guidelines to step up measures to keep the country’s roads safe, insisting on making the issue a national agenda.

The measures include the need for scientifically-based research into road safety management, the use of social media to educate young people, and the use of modern vehicle inspection systems, among others.

The head of state issued guidelines in Arusha at the launch of Road Safety Week on Tuesday, adding that it was devastating to see the lives of people, especially young people, being claimed in road accidents. .

Although the government has invested heavily in the country’s road infrastructure, young people are the main victims of these accidents despite a recorded slowdown in the number of accidents.

“The statistics that have been presented here do not give a good picture of our country (…) more than 90 percent of accidents are due to human error, speed, reckless driving, overtaking and not -wearing a helmet or seat belt, “said President Samia.

She added that “The use of end-of-life or used vehicles contributes to 3.2% of all accidents and inclement weather such as fog, dust, smoke and slippery roads (1.3%), d ‘after these numbers.

Likewise, statistics have shown that the bikers known as “bodaboda” are the largest group responsible for accidents.

“In five years, a total of 2,220 motorcyclists have lost their lives and 4,202 have been injured in traffic accidents.

On average, the country has lost 445 young people each year and hospitalized 850 patients due to bodaboda accidents. “

As such, the president called on police across the country to put more emphasis on bodaboda education, citing that the group should not be left behind on outreach sessions to be enlightened on the issue. .

She described other previously identified groups including private car drivers (535 accidents), trailer trucks (209) and passenger buses (148) and 142 accidents for daladala.

“I am happy to learn that the number of road accidents has decreased thanks to the massive awareness campaigns carried out by the police through the various media, especially radio, television, among others,” she said. declared.

In addition to using mainstream media platforms, the president asked them to embark on using social media to capture the attention of young people, who are the most affected group in the country.

Another area that requires attention is to invest in scientific research of the scourge in order to acquire a proven solution to overcome the problem. She urged them to collaborate with colleges, universities, vocational colleges and transportation institutions to embark on scientifically grounded research on road safety management.

“The police should be a help to the public and not a nuisance to people, when people see them… they should run towards them and not try to avoid them.

In some cases, accidents are caused by bodabodas, because when they see traffic policemen in uniform, they immediately try to escape, ”President Samia said.

She asked the IGP to investigate the cases of most of the young people who have completed their police training and who wish to become traffic officers or be tied up in ports.

“The issue of road safety should be placed as a national agenda in each platform and involve all stakeholders, because the issue is a critical development agenda.

On the other hand, she disclosed a call from the private sector working with the government to conduct vehicle inspections, but no desirable conclusions were reached.

She thus called on the Police, TEMESA and the Ministry of Public Works and Transport among others to embark on the issue of technical control of vehicles, stressing that if the task is carried out in collaboration with the private sector, the work will be done efficiently. .

“By engaging the private sector, you will be able to acquire the modern machinery to facilitate the smooth inspection of vehicles, which will allow a large number of vehicles to be inspected as well as increase the income from the sale of stickers,” he said. she declared.

Previously, the traffic police commander Wilbrod Mutafungwa revealed that over the past four years, between January and September, road accidents have fallen on average from 36.6% (2018) to 15, 5% this year.

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