Driving law changes are expected to be introduced on new cars manufactured from July 6, 2022, with new technology called Intelligent Speed ​​Assist (ISA). Although the UK has left the European Union, the rules are expected to apply to the UK as well, as most of the driving laws have been transferred to facilitate manufacturing.

The technology is designed to warn drivers when they are approaching the speed limit.

The European Transportation Safety Council (ETSC) had pushed for a system that cuts engine power once the legal speed limit has been reached.

This was dropped, however, after widespread concerns about the danger of reducing engine power at higher speeds.

It will instead play an audio warning before the vehicle exceeds the speed limit.

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The regulation was originally approved by the European Parliament in 2019 with the aim of improving road safety across the continent.

Regulation 2019/2044 also requires all new cars already launched to be fitted with an ISA by July 7, 2024.

Mr. Pepper added, “Drivers of cars equipped with speed limiters can claim that it was the software that caused them.

“Such complaints are likely to be unsuccessful because the driver should not have exceeded the speed limit.

“However, lawyers will always look at claims on a case-by-case basis to see where the fault lies.

“One could argue that there is no point in making this software mandatory if the driver can simply turn it off.

“However, this feature could help encourage public acceptance.

“The possibility of deactivating the system could possibly be removed.

“With these technological advancements and the gradual introduction of self-driving vehicles, we will undoubtedly see more and more cars obeying the speed limit in the future. “

If the widespread use of ISA technology is successful, it could be seen as a big step forward in the development of self-driving cars.

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