Residents fear a two-year break in construction for a road they say will be of no use to the city.

It has now been revealed that work on the Spalding Western Relief Road will finally begin on January 10 – after being postponed from this summer.

The work will include the construction of a new roundabout on Spalding Road, a bridge over the railroad tracks and a T-junction near the Vernatt Drain.

The Spalding Western Relief Road construction site. Preparation work was carried out earlier this year, but main construction is postponed until January 2022

While early work will be off current roads, there is a warning of temporary traffic lights and upcoming closures for Spalding Road and Enterprise Way in fall 2022.

The work, which is scheduled to last until fall 2023, will also require the busy two-plank bridge and surrounding trails to be closed for 18 months.

Resident John Batterham, of Angelica Drive, protested the move and said: “I’m not looking forward to it at all. We’re going to have the noise and inconvenience of a construction site in front of us for two years and after that we’re going to have a lot more traffic than today – and we can’t handle it as it is.

He is among a number of locals who don’t believe the new road – which is supposed to be part of a possible ring road for the city and lead to Spalding Common – will actually help the city’s traffic problems.

He added: “The A16 at Crowland has killed several people there and they say they can’t afford to fix by putting up a roundabout, but they can spend millions here on a new route. which nobody wants. “

Spalding and Peterborough Transport Forum chairman George Scott is raising concerns about the site – with recently filed plans for up to 400 homes next to the new road.

The Spalding Road resident said: “It’s going to be very difficult for the people here.

“We have enough congestion right now with no temporary lights and all that. With more houses under construction, it will get worse.

Mr Scott is concerned that children are using the trail-less Market Way as an alternative to the two-plank bridge and the impact on pollution in the area. He added: The pollution is quite high in this area anyway with all the cars and it will increase with the traffic stopped.

“What do people with children think about this? “

County freeway bosses said more specific dates and details on the road closures and temporary lights would be shared once details were finalized.

Councilor Richard Davies, Executive Member for Highways, said: “The first months of construction will mostly take place away from local roads, so those traveling to Spalding and the surrounding area should not expect any disruption other than see construction vehicles moving and some cases of temporary traffic management.

“However, as part of the project, we will be installing nearly 3,000 underground pile foundations to support the new bridge. Some of this work can be noisy, but we will do our best to keep it to a minimum.

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