People using the UND parking ramp, located at the intersection of Columbia Road and University Avenue, must take long, roundabout routes to access the ramp in some cases as they cannot drive from there yet. road due to construction work. Difficulty accessing the 756-seater ramp has resulted in a few complaints and some frustrated drivers as they search for places to park.

“I’ve taken a few calls myself, where they’re having a hard time figuring out how to access them,” said Kerrie Peltier, parking services manager at UND.

This frustration hits especially those with one-year ramp passes, which cost $ 400, Peltier said. She added that on a few occasions she had to give directions to people on their way to the ramp.

Some people, she said, even completely avoided the ramp that cluttered other lots. People paying for ramp access can also park in open-air lots, in spaces marked for students and faculty. Approximately 420 ramp permits were sold. The rest of the parking is paid. Peltier said that each day the equivalent of an entire level of the ramp, about 120 seats, remains open due to the difficulty of accessing the building.

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The good news for drivers is that the project is expected to be completed by Sept. 15, according to Brian Larson, director of construction management at UND. While the UND doesn’t actually do the job – it’s a city project, first involving the underground force driving, then the road itself – a UND employee attends the weekly commissioning meetings. up to date of construction. The city, Larson said, has communicated well with the UND and provided regular updates on progress.

Larson said staff were working with UND Parking Services to send updated parking cards to students, but there were still difficulties getting to the ramp.

“It definitely creates challenges here with the closure of Columbia Road,” he said.

Peltier detailed the complicated routes some people have to take to get to the ramp, easily recounting the name of the street:

On University Avenue, eastbound

One way to get to the ramp is to drive east along University Avenue directly to the building. There is an entrance on the northwest side of the ramp, although this only leads to paid parking. However, permit holders can enter it, then cross the ramp and exit onto Second Avenue, on the south side of the structure. From there, they can turn around and return to the south side entrance which leads to the authorized parking area.

Drivers wishing to enter directly from the south entrance can head east along University Avenue, then turn right on Centennial Drive west and head south. Other southerly roads also work for this route. This leads to Campus Drive heading east. Once drivers reach Cornell Street, they can head straight north to the ramp. Drivers should be careful not to take Centennial Street East, which is located between the Chester Fritz Library and Law School, as it is no longer a crossing street and does not connect with Campus Drive.

From Columbia Road and University Avenue heading west

People using this road should head west on Sixth Avenue North. Detour signs must be in place at this location. Drivers can then head south on Oxford Street, cross University Avenue and continue south on Centennial Drive until they reach Cornell Street, then the slip road. People heading north on South Columbia Road and coming to the university via the overpass can also take this road by turning left onto Sixth Avenue North.

Drivers heading north on Columbia Road can also head east on Second Avenue, after crossing the overpass. They can then head south on North 23rd Street and pass the Energy and Environmental Research Center. After a brief stretch of gravel road, drivers will be on Campus Drive. There they can head west, passing under the Columbia Road Viaduct. This connects to Cornell Street which drivers can take directly north to the parking ramp.

Drivers on the east side of University Avenue looking west may also head south on North 23rd Street and pass under the overpass.

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