Six road construction projects won awards from the Western Association of State Highway Transportation.

Rewards are part of preparing for the American transport prices. The winning road projects are as follows:

Utah Department of TransportationI-15; Lehi Main at SR 92, technology corridor (Quality of life / Community development, broad category)

Safety for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians has been improved with the $ 13.9 million widening of the Fourth Street Bridge over Interstate 40 in Flagstaff, Arizona.Arizona Department of TransportationArizona Department of TransportationFourth Street Bridge on Interstate 40 (Quality of life / Community development, small category)

US 175 Wright Freeway Dallas TexasA $ 104 million project converted US Highway 175 SM Wright into a six-lane boulevard to improve safety, mobility and the environment in a southern Dallas neighborhood.Texas Department of TransportationTexas Department of TransportationUS 175 / SM Wright Highway Phase 1 Project (Quality of life / Community development, Medium category)

Long X Bridge Replacement in North DakotaThe $ 37 million Long X Bridge project in North Dakota replaced an old low-height truss bridge with a concrete girder bridge over the US 85.North Dakota Department of TransportationNorth Dakota Department of TransportationNew Long X bridge (Operations Excellence, Medium Category — TIE)

Emergency road for trucks US 87 TxDOTThe US $ 70 million Emergency Road 87 Truck Project has improved traffic flow and safety in the Ports-Plains Corridor.Texas Department of TransportationTexas Department of TransportationUS 87 Truck Relief Route in the Howard County Project (Operations Excellence, Medium Category — TIE)

Replacement of the Highway 50 Caltrans viaductCaltrans deployed an innovative solution to replace a viaduct on US 50 near Lake Tahoe by building around and behind the existing foundation to build a new bridge.CaltransCalifornia Department of TransportationS. Highway 50 Echo Summit Sidehill Viaduct Replacement Project (Best use of technology and innovation, small category)

Paving the Pete Domenici Highway New MexicoThe New Mexico DOT installed a continuously reinforced concrete pavement in place of a complete rebuild of NM 136, saving $ 20 million.New Mexico Department of TransportationNew Mexico Department of TransportationNM 136 International Motorway Concrete Coating Project Pete Domenici (Best use of technology and innovation, medium category)

This is the fourth of four regional competitions within the American transport prices competetion. The top three rated projects from each regional competition earn a spot on a list of ‘Top 12’ projects, which will compete for the Grand Prix – selected by an independent jury of industry judges – and the Audience Award, chosen by the public through online voting.

The top two winners also receive $ 10,000 in cash, to be donated to a charity or scholarship chosen by the state’s DOT.

The “Top 12 Finalists” vying for the Grand Prize and Audience Awards will be announced this month, and online voting for the Audience Award will begin at the same time.

Grand Prize and Audience Award winners will be announced in October at the AASHTO Annual Meeting in San Diego.

The awards are sponsored by the AASHTO, AAA and the United States Chamber of Commerce.

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