Independent and isolated actions cannot produce lasting results in improving road safety and only a structured and multisectoral plan can be useful to achieve the desired results, according to PK Sikdar, advisor, International Road Federation (India section) . At a conference on “Road Safety Management – A National Priority” as part of the “LR Kadiyali Memorial Lecture Series” at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Roorkee, Sikdar said the Road safety management is the first and fundamental pillar of the overall road safety performance improvement plan through a systematic and planned approach.

“These countries, which have been able to show positive results in terms of road safety, have managed it through a structured and multisectoral action plan implemented according to strict guidelines and a highly coordinated format. No independent and isolated action is taken. has never produced lasting results in improving road safety, ”Sikdar said.

“The safe systems approach, proven and accepted globally, can provide holistic and logical action to derive maximum benefit from it. Of course, for such a framework to be implemented in a coordinated manner, the institutional management role must be derived from the management capacity by focusing actions on several fronts as well as on targeted results ”, he added. he adds.

Elaborating on India’s efforts to address the problem, Sikdar, who is also an expert in research and management in the roads and transport sector, said: “A road safety management framework has already been developed. , which identifies effective means and management elements that are crucial to improve road safety performance in a country or region.

“Thus, security is produced like any other good and service and a management system is required at several levels with institutional leadership responsible for planning and designing interventions, which in turn produce the desired results.”

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