Russian Strategic Missile Force engineer units continued to receive special equipment in 2020, including new KDM road construction vehicles, the Russian Defense Ministry press office said. This year, large missile units based in the territory stretching from the Tver region in central Russia to the Irkutsk region in eastern Siberia received KDM road construction vehicles, the Russian press office added.
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Russian Army KDM road construction vehicle at the Army Defense Exhibition near Moscow, Russia. (Image source Army Reconnaissance)

The KDM wheeled advanced road construction vehicle developed specifically for the Strategic Missile Force engineer units will replace five types of engineer equipment designed to prepare and maintain combat patrol routes and field positions for military personnel. mobile ground missile systems, ”the press office said.

The KDM vehicle can replace the obsolete PKT crawler and wheeled trail builders BAT-M, as well as the BKT-RK2 bulldozer.

The Advanced KDM is superior to the vehicles mentioned above in terms of features and it also has several new capabilities. In particular, its detachable equipment is suitable for handling goods.

In addition, the KDM can be equipped with grubbing, brush clearing and cutting equipment for reinforced concrete and metal objects, if required.

It was earlier reported that the Strategic Missile Force was to receive 12 road construction vehicles in 2020. The Strategic Missile Force received approximately 30 KDM vehicles in 2019 and over 100 such vehicles from 2017 to 2019.

The KDM is a road construction vehicle based on the modern ATM 5280 tractor which has been developed to eliminate the known drawbacks and to extend the potential of wheel loaders. The main advantages of the wheeled road vehicle over the universal road vehicle are its characteristics of lower weight and dimensions, which allows it to be transported by all kinds of military transport vehicles.

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