The Road Safety Unit, within the Ministry of Transport and Mines, reminds the public of the steps required to obtain a Jamaican driver’s license.

Under no circumstances should anyone pay fees to exam depots or anyone claiming to have contacts to obtain the provisional driver’s license, unit officials have warned.

As more and more people seek to become licensed drivers, applicants must pass the traffic test before acquiring a provisional driver’s license.

The Road Code Test is a multiple-choice test, consisting of 15 questions, designed to assess a person’s knowledge of general road rules, including road signs, road markings and knowledge in road safety.

The Traffic Code test is free and is currently administered on paper, but will soon be digitized as the Island Traffic Authority undertakes its digital transformation.

The test can be taken at any Island Traffic Authority exam depot across the island.

After passing the traffic test, applicants will go to the Revenue Authority of Jamaica (TAJ) to pay a fee of $1,800 and receive the provisional driver’s license.

Under no circumstances should anyone pay a fee to exam depots or anyone claiming to have contacts to obtain the provisional driver’s license.

This provisional driving license lasts for 1 year, during which individuals are required to begin driving lessons.

After completing the driving lessons, individuals must pay the required fees to take the driver’s license exam.

Thereafter, all official documents must be submitted for processing to the Island Traffic Authority, including valid provisional driver’s license, applicant’s birth certificate, 3 passport-sized photographs signed and stamped by a justice of the peace and the completed driver’s license application. form.

Applications for general driving licenses require a medical examination, unlike applications for private driving licenses.

Candidates will also be given a date to take the driver’s license exam which has three parts: a written test, a site test and a road test.

If a component is failed, the individual will have the option of re-taking the component they failed after paying the required fee at the Jamaica Revenue Authority offices.

However, if an applicant is successful in passing all three components, a Certificate of Competency will be generated, giving TAJ the legal right to perform the delegated driver licensing function on behalf of the Island Traffic Authority. .

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