As students continued their protests demanding safe roads across the country, a child returning from school was hit by a van in Savar yesterday.

Eight-year-old Allama Atique, a freshman at Morning Glory School and College in Savar, was crossing the Dhaka-Aricha highway in the Pakiza area around 11:30 a.m. when he was run over.

He was crossing the road after being dropped off by his school bus. Allama was rushed to Enam Medical Collage Hospital with serious injuries.

As the news spread, hundreds of students from several schools and colleges in Savar began to protest by blocking the freeway and called for the immediate arrest of the driver involved.

Kazi Mainul Islam, head of the Savar police station, said they had not yet identified the pickup.

Meanwhile, police have filed two complaints against 800 students and anonymous people for vandalism and bus burning during protests against the death of student Mainuddin Islam, who was hit by a bus in the capital Rampura on Monday evening.

In one of the cases filed with the Hatirjheel police station, police claimed that Molotov cocktails were used and that police recovered 2.5 liters of octane in five bottles at the scene.

The protesting students pledged yesterday to continue their movement for safe roads.

In the capital, hundreds of students from Rampura, Shantinagar and Johnson Road in Old Dhaka demonstrated throughout the day yesterday.

They said that although the government enacted the Road Transport Law-2018 as a result of the previous road safety movement, the law has yet to be implemented.

As the students started stopping vehicles and checking permits and registrations at the Rampura intersection, it became evident that many vehicles did not have fitness certificates.

At least six police vehicles did not have valid papers.

Traffic sergeants were reluctant to issue fines to them yesterday. Students had to demonstrate for an hour to coerce cops to fine a policeman driving without a license or license plate.


Dhaka students will not be blocking the roads today as the high school certificate exam begins. However, the students will form hour-long human chains at noon and observe two minutes of silence to make their 11-point claim tomorrow, said Shohagi Samia, a student at Khilgaon Model College, on behalf of the students.

The students raised their demand for 11 points during yesterday’s protest in the Rampura Bridge area.

Those implicated in the death of Notre Dame College student Nayeem Hasan and Ekramunnesa High School student Mainuddin Islam must be brought to justice and their families compensated fairly, they demanded.

Their other demands include the half-fare for students 24/7, guaranteed by official notification and applicable in all public transport in the country, increasing the number of BRTC buses.

They said bus owners should be held responsible for the fitness and registration of vehicles, as well as unlicensed drivers.

Protesters also said that to prevent reckless competition between buses, a bus company should be assigned to only one route and the daily income should be distributed among all transport owners according to their share.

They demanded the rationalization of the entire transport system, ensuring that all buses have ticket offices and labor rights for drivers, including a maximum of six hours of driving per day.

Trucks, garbage trucks and other heavy vehicles should only be allowed to travel between midnight and 5 a.m., they said.


Information Minister Hasan Mahmud said yesterday that some people are trying to destabilize the country by using students.

“Those who are not students have arsoned buses after the death of a student in the Rampura neighborhood. Is this an accident or a planned incident? Everything will be clear after investigation and legal action will be taken against those involved in the incident, “he said, addressing journalists at the secretariat.

Calling Mainuddin’s death in Rampura unfortunate, the minister said: “The incident happened around 10:45 pm and it was found live on numerous Facebook pages, including Nirapad Sarak and Basher Kella. minutes ? Were they present there before the incident happened? “

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