Motorists were warned on December 16 to obey the rules during the holiday

Mpumalanga MEC for Community Safety, Security and Liaison, Mr. Vusi Shongwe, issued a statement, saying that provincial traffic officers have stopped and checked around 47,000 vehicles at various roadblocks since the start of the traffic season. holidays.

More than 22,000 heavy motor vehicles such as trucks have also passed through various weighbridges to ensure compliance.

Around 186 summons were issued to motorists who had not presented a valid driver’s license when they were stopped, and around 480 drivers were also ordered to book to drive vehicles with worn tires.

Nearly 300 drivers have been taken to task for failing to display valid license plates.

Other offenses include not wearing seat belts, dangerous overtaking, defective windshields, failure to produce valid cross-border permits for those traveling to other countries.

Mr. Shongwe called on motorists to make sure their vehicles are roadworthy before making any trips.

He also called on public transport owners to ensure long-distance drivers get enough rest while on the road.

“Public transport owners should not prioritize profits over people’s lives,” he added.

“I have seen many long-distance drivers consume energy drinks to stay alert and it is not sustainable.

“These people need to rest because fatigue played a role in some of the major accidents.”

He further encouraged law enforcement officials not to turn a blind eye to anyone breaking the law.

The MEC also applauded the increased cooperation and collaboration between all safety agencies, saying it will play a major role in reducing accidents during and beyond the holiday season.

The holiday season road safety campaign was launched on the R23 road near Standerton on December 9.

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