The Metropolitan Municipality also gathers neighborhood roads in the farthest points of Mersin with asphalt, facilitating the transportation of citizens. One of the remote neighborhoods where the Road Works Maintenance and Repair Service crews worked was Anamur. With the road, pavement and infrastructure works carried out in the neighborhoods that can be considered the center and heart of Anamur, the inhabitants of the region benefit from services that they have not been able to obtain for years.

President Seçer spoke about the work in Anamur in Parliament.

Mayor of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Vahap Seçer spoke about infrastructure and superstructure works in Anamur during the Assembly meeting. Seçer said, “Currently, we started production in Fevzi Çakmak Street on February 19; This course is 2 thousand 200 meters long. The level of the pavement and the bituminous binder is finished. The flooring of the road is removed and hot asphalt is made there. Here is the western part. It was the eastern part. The infrastructure works have been completed there. Here we make sidewalks suitable for our citizens with special needs. We started on İnönü Street on March 4th. The moves are complete. Infrastructure work continues in parts of the city. Work has resumed in Turgut Reis Street. From May 15, we will complete the works of Fevzi Çakmak, İnönü and Turgut Reis streets.

Marshal Fevzi Çakmak Street is completely renovated

As part of the work that has started on the 2-meter-long road from Maréchal Fevzi Çakmak Street in Anamur, the teams; completed pavement and hot asphalt work on the eastern part of the road at binder level. The teams will continue their work in the western part. Road construction crews continue uninterrupted work on asphalt preparation, PMT paving and pavement construction and road development.

As part of the work in the area, the old deformed parquet road on the roadbed is removed, and the street is covered with hot asphalt for more comfortable transportation. At the same time, the existing sidewalks worn out over time are also renewed by the teams and adapted for the use of citizens with special needs.

İnönü Street works are 80% complete.

Crews that completed the construction of the 900-meter İnönü Avenue causeway have completed 80% of the work. After completion of all work, hot paving will be completed on the street.

“As a neighborhood, we encounter hot asphalt for the first time”

Hayrettin Haber, the head of the Iskele neighborhood in the Anamur district, said he was satisfied with the work: “We are very satisfied with the services provided. We haven’t seen hot asphalt in 10 years; especially in our neighborhood. It is a place where citizens enter and leave the sea and where there is tourism; that is, the heart of Iskele Anamur. “This is the first time we’ve seen such a service,” he said.

“People have never seen such service before”

Explaining the citizens’ satisfaction, Haber said, “People have never seen such a service before. As a neighborhood, we encounter hot asphalt for the first time,” he said. Assessing the pavement layouts as well as the asphalt, Haber said, “The tile is being laid, it looks very nice. Previously, it was cobblestone. It is as beautiful as a picture. There is a treadmill for the disabled. We have a better sidewalk,” he said.

“It became a road like a highway”

Hasan Bozbovac, one of the residents of the neighborhood, said that he has lived in İskele Mahallesi since 1968 and commented on the work done with the words “Great, better life health”. Bozbovac said, “We haven’t seen such service yet. Now better, more super. There was no asphalt here before. It became a road like a highway. The distance between Iskele and Anamur was great. God bless you,” he said.

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Road construction work continues in Anamur


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