As the City of Aurora improves its infrastructure offerings to its current and future residents, demands for infrastructure, upgrades, and repairs also increase. On any given working day, there can be up to 150 working zones active in the city.

Traffic engineering personnel strive to minimize the impact of these work zones on the traveling public. As well as reviewing and approving plans to ensure they are safe and comply with all regulations, staff also work with contractors to research alternatives to street closures and minimize the number of lane closures. and their duration. Staff also try to prevent conflicting work areas from overlapping in time or space. In most cases, these efforts are successful. However, on occasion, alternatives are not available and since we are dealing with the external environment, even the best planned projects are delayed by weather, special events or unknown conditions, resulting in confusion and/or unexpected congestion.

Please be patient, slow down, and respect the workers and equipment needed to keep the infrastructure in the city running smoothly.

Road works in progress

The 2022 road works map will be posted online soon.

Weekly schedule of road works

Visit this link
for more information on roadwork in the city of Aurora.

Other road construction works

Havana between Alameda and First
Southbound Havana Street between Alameda Avenue and East First Avenue will be under construction for 60 days. Between December 13 and March 15, southbound traffic will be reduced to two lanes and diverted to the center of the road using both southbound and northbound left-turn lanes. Speeds will be reduced and left turns prohibited. Alternate routes are advised.

Third Avenue Closures
Third Avenue between Powhaton Road and Newcastle Way will be closed until spring weather permits the laying of a top asphalt surfacing. Following the opening of the Third Avenue and Powhaton Road closure, Sixth Avenue between Powhaton Road and Newcastle Way will be closed for approximately three weeks. Detour via Third Avenue.

26th between E-470 and Piccadilly

26th Avenue between E-470 and Picadilly Road will be closed in both directions for three weeks while CEI completes connections to the new road over First Creek. Please follow the indicated diversion.

Lane closures on Hampden Avenue and Dawson Street

On March 28, Hampden Avenue will have a double eastbound lane closure at Dawson Street for Aurora Water to access manholes to access existing sanitary sewer lines.

Closure of 30th Avenue
30th Avenue will be closed from Xanadu and Zion streets (under I-225) March 7-31 for Aurora Water to access and/or replace existing sanitary sewer lines. Diversions will be put in place.

Major road projects in East Aurora

Significant work is underway in several areas to improve mobility on the east side of Aurora. Visit this Story Map to learn more (updated July 16, 2021).

CDOT Road Construction Updates

Ramp counter signals
Starting Monday, Feb. 28, CDOT will activate new ramp counter signals on southbound I-225, eastbound C-470, and westbound E-470 on-ramps to I-25 in a northerly direction. This is part of the Smart 25 pilot project to test a new ramp meter system in an effort to reduce congestion and improve travel times on northbound I-25 between Ridgegate Parkway and University Boulevard.

The new ramp counter system was activated on 18 on-ramps along this stretch of freeway last fall, with the new ramp counters being activated on I-225, C-470 and E- 470 online Monday.

What motorists need to know:
Four ramp measurement signals will be activated beginning at 3 p.m. on Monday, February 28, at the end of each of the I-225 and C-470 on-ramps to northbound I-25. Two new ramp meters will also be activated on the westbound E-470 ramp to northbound I-25.
When the ramp counter lights are activated, flashing signs will warn motorists to slow down and prepare to stop.
Motorists can use the left and right shoulder lanes on the I-225 and C-470 on-ramps when the ramp counting system is enabled.
Ramp meters will be activated gradually from 3 p.m. until the evening rush hour, depending on traffic conditions.
Traffic will be closely monitored and ramp meters will be adjusted as needed.
The test period will last until the end of spring/summer. If the results show that traffic conditions are improving, permanent deployment is possible.

The project installed vehicle detection devices in and along on-ramps on I-25 northbound from Ridgegate Parkway to University Boulevard. Sensors measure the number of vehicles, their speed and the length of the line of vehicles waiting to enter the highway. Sensors also measure traffic volume on I-25. This information feeds into an algorithm that operates the system and traffic light synchronization to reduce stop-and-go traffic. This system has worked successfully in Melbourne, Australia. Traffic flow has increased by 25% and speeds have improved by 35% to 60% during peak hours, which is equivalent to adding a lane at a fraction of the cost.

I-70 Central Corridor Improvements

CDOT is improving the I-70 Central Corridor, including work that extends to Aurora.

For weekly impacts on traffic and construction, visit the website.

See the weekly construction updates from the Colorado Department of Transportation.

Upcoming Changes to I-70: Recommended Improvements to the I-70/Airpark and I-70/Watkins Interchanges

The area of ​​Arapahoe and Adams counties surrounding the I-70/Airpark and I-70/Watkins Road interchanges are slated for substantial new development. Arapahoe County is conducting a study to proactively identify recommended improvements at each interchange to meet future travel demands.

Following detailed forecasts of future traffic volumes and patterns, interchange design alternatives were developed and evaluated. The study is now nearing completion and recommendations were presented at a virtual public meeting on August 25 (visit the project webpage to replay the meeting). Improvements at each interchange would likely be built in phases to ensure adequate traffic operations as the area continues to grow.

The improvements recommended by this initial study will then need to be assessed through a formal environmental clearance process before final design and construction can begin. The construction schedule is uncertain as funding for these next steps has not yet been identified. Current development projections for the area show that initial phases of improvement may be needed before 2025. Arapahoe County is actively working with local partners to create a financing plan.

More information can be found at:

State Highway 83 (Parker Road) Concrete Sign Replacement
The Colorado Department of Transportation and contractor Ralph L. Wadsworth are conducting work to improve several sections of roadway along Parker Road (State Highway 83) from E-470 to Arapahoe Road. This includes removing and replacing damaged concrete panels, improving ADA curb ramps, improving guardrails, and sealing joints to minimize the effects of surface water infiltration.

Visit the project website for updates, call the project hotline at 303.569.9945 or email with any questions.

TRAFFIC: Due to unforeseen circumstances, detours will remain in place on Gun Club Road heading n during the afternoon rush hour and into the evening for work at this site. We will also have to continue working tomorrow, so detours will be in effect from 8:30 a.m. to mid-afternoon.

TRAFFIC: Due to unforeseen circumstances, detours will remain in place on Gun Club Road heading n during the afternoon rush hour and into the evening for work at this site. We will also have to continue working tomorrow, so detours will be in effect from 8:30 a.m. to mid-afternoon.

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