ROAD CONSTRUCTION: Bhanoth town via the Hala link road connects nearly 20 villages to the trunk road and Hala town. For 13 years, the road has been “under construction”. In government records, however, the road was successfully built four to five times. Residents of Bhanoth and nearby villages face difficulties in emergency situations due to the pitiful state of the roads. Farming and fishing businesses are also at a loss as vendors struggle to get to market. Can we do this road project only once?

Kazim Laghari

PAKISTANI DRAMAS: Pakistani TV channels broadcast pathetic dramas in terms of characters and storyline which end up spreading negative tendencies in the society. Historical dramas, like the famous Resurrection: Ertugrul produced by Turkey and also broadcast in Pakistan, should be produced. Such content would make it easy for people to understand our own culture and religion.

musky fatima

POTABLE WATER: A few days ago, I went to Sujjawal, about 20km before Badin. The city has a huge population which is deprived of drinking water. People and animals are forced to drink from the same stream. The higher authorities must ensure the supply of drinking water to the area.

Babar Ali Hussaini

EARTHQUAKE QUAKES: On the morning of May 6, earthquakes were felt in Khuzdar which wreaked havoc and left about 200 families homeless. At least 80 mud houses collapsed when a moderate-intensity earthquake hit the Aranji region. The magnitude of the earthquake was 5.2 on the Richter scale. As Balochistan frequently faces such a situation, the scope of rehabilitation should be improved. For this, competent authorities should install early warning towers in seismically active areas. This would buy authorities and the public time to limit the damage.

Ahsanullah Mengal

Posted in Dawn, May 27, 2022

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