LIVINGSTON PARISH, La. (WAFB) – It’s been three months of dust, loose gravel and uneven roads in Livingston Parish’s Forest Ridge Subdivision.

“When they finally got there and started the routes, everyone was excited. Then we found out they were only doing two routes, not the whole subdivision, so people got pissed. And now they’re really upset because of their poor condition, and it’s been three months and they still haven’t finished,” said HOA President Don McPherson.

The 180-house neighborhood is full of families and cars trying to get around construction.

“It’s very frustrating for everyone,” adds McPherson.

It is also dangerous.

“The tires were blowing out from the dips and stuff, it was really bad,” McPherson said.

The work had to be finished before the winter holidays. Livingston Parish President Layton Ricks said there were several reasons for the delay.

“They run into issues like you’re renovating a house,” Ricks said. “When we have problems with the floor and the base, if we don’t fix it, if we don’t take the time to fix it and layer it, we will have those same problems later.”

In a community that was flooded in 2016, Ricks hopes taking more time to lay this road will prevent drainage issues.

“We apologize that it took so long to complete this project, but we wanted to get it right so that we have a good project that will last a long time.”

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