The incessant building collapses and unsustainability of Nigerian roads have been attributed to a lack of knowledge about advanced technology products such as Axion tuffcrete and liquid polymer, solid base stabilizer and bitumen booster among others products created by Axion Express Engineering Limited, a subsidiary of Axion Canada.

This was revealed on Thursday by the company’s National Sales Manager, Engineer Emmanuel Amedu, adding that the company is the leader in the development, distribution and application of organic liquid monomer formulations for the pharmaceutical industry. construction of roads and buildings.

At a press conference in Lagos, the company called on all stakeholders in the construction industry to embrace the innovative modern materials used as a production mix for construction purposes, such as the liquid polymer Axion tuffcrete which is a proprietary formulation that acts as a molecular bonding agent. when used in conjunction with activating agents such as clay.

He added that the product fully meets all the stringent requirements for durability and chemical resistance, also providing high mechanical strength on materials used in construction.

Amedu lamented that most Nigerians build their own houses and when it rains they become helpless as parts of the building get infiltrated by water or washed away by floods.

His words: “The scarcity of standard road constructions and structures in Nigeria is often due to lack of knowledge of building materials, improper mixing ratios, poor site supervision due to hesitation to use project management systems, to poor quality of workmanship, which is often invisible due to lack of essential construction tracers and substandard materials, among other things.

“Our organic liquid monomer formulations are not adjuvants for post-dosing applications. Axion products are incorporated early in the batching stage for ready-mixed concrete and asphalt applications to achieve optimum results. »

Engineer Amedu added that private sector actors and government at all levels should embrace the products in order to stop the preponderance of building collapses and ensure that Nigerian road networks are free of crushes. hen and other dilapidations.

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