The company allocates Rs 18cr with the aim of decentralizing the process and ensuring that every neighborhood benefits

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Posted on 10/30/21, 7:20 PM

The Urban Development Department has allocated nearly Rs 18 crore for road construction in areas under the jurisdiction of the Ranchi Municipal Corporation (RMC), civic body officials said on Saturday, saying funds had were distributed among the 53 neighborhood councilors, deputy mayor and mayor for work in areas within their respective neighborhoods.

Ranchi deputy mayor Sanjeev Vijaywargia said each of Ranchi’s neighborhood councilors had received a fund of at least Rs 5 lakh for road construction where they deemed it necessary. The fund will also be used for the repair of existing roads and the installation of drainage systems.

“There are many areas in the city where there is an urgent need for road construction. Distributing funds among neighborhood councilors decentralizes the road building process and ensures that every neighborhood in the city receives at least one new road, ”Vijaywargia said.

However, there was no fixed length of roads to be built within the city limits. An RMC official said the idea was to improve road connectivity in areas that need new roads, and that there are no plans to build a defined length of roads in the city.

“There are a lot of slums in the city that don’t have good roads. The construction of roads will improve accessibility in some areas, ”the RMC official said.

The majority of road construction work under the initiative will begin within the next six months, sources said. RMC sources said tenders had also been issued for road construction in Argora, Pundag and areas near Pahadi Mandir’s premises.

The RMC recently distributed laptops to all representatives of civic organizations in the city to encourage the use of digital means in approving projects and sharing updates related to the status of various works carried out. under the RMC. Details of all road construction projects undertaken in the city will also be shared online with relevant authorities by neighborhood councilors.

Several roads in the city were dilapidated after the monsoon rains and were in urgent need of repairs, RMC officials said. The drainage system also needs to be improved in some areas of the city that have experienced waterlogging. Due to the poor drainage system, many roads in the city, especially the part of the VIP road from Argora Chowk to Shehjanand Chowk, experienced severe congestion.

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