Pirelli says it stands with the United Nations Road Safety Fund in its commitment to global road safety. A member and supporter since 2018, Pirelli reaffirmed its commitment at the Fund Pledging Event organized in New York by the UNRSF, to which Pirelli has donated $800,000 over the years, to support global road safety initiatives.

UNRSF’s vision is to build a world where roads are safe for all road users, everywhere. Pirelli claims that safety is one of the pillars of the company’s sustainable development. One example is the sensor-equipped Cyber ​​Tire which is designed to transmit real-time information to improve the performance of the product itself and help drive safety.

In addition, with the aim of combining better performance related to driving safety and low environmental impact, Pirelli has adopted its “Eco-safety” approach which is able to exploit innovation in materials and use virtualization instruments throughout the development process. . This approach underpins our efforts to have over 90% of our new products Class A or B under EU tire labeling criteria for wet braking and at the same time 70% Class A and B for rolling resistance by 2025.

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