The Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) stands ready to roll out a new Rs.7,270 crore state support program for road safety enhancement to help realize the vision of “Zero deaths on Indian roads”.

The six-year, centrally-sponsored program will be implemented in 14 states that currently contribute 85% of the country’s total road fatalities.

While MoRTH will lend budget support of Rs 3,635 crore, an amount of Rs 1,818 crore will be guaranteed in the form of a loan from the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank.

Of the total cost, Rs 6,725 crore will be paid to the 14 states based on their performance, while MoRTH will use Rs 545 crore for capacity building activities.

The program will encourage state governments to conduct road safety interventions at the local level with the primary aim of reducing road accidents and reducing the number of fatalities, MoRTH said in a concept note distributed to target states.

The target states of the program are Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Bihar, Telangana, West Bengal, Odisha, Haryana and Assam.

“This is a results and results-oriented program in which states’ performance will be assessed on 11 mandatory indicators and three elective indicators (road safety interventions). Grants will be distributed to states on the basis of key performance indicators, “said the senior official. sources told PTI.

The draft project report prepared by MoRTH indicates that the Motor Vehicle Amendment Act (2019) was introduced as an important intervention to achieve the goal of reducing fatalities.

“To benefit from the strengthened law, it is necessary to have targeted interventions in related areas of road safety such as road engineering, law enforcement, road safety advocacy and campaigns. media and effective emergency response systems. States must be supported to act on the results. oriented strategies. Hence the new regime, ”the sources said.

India reported around 1.51 lakh of road fatalities in 4.49 lakh of accidents in 2019. Of the total fatalities, the 14 identified states accounted for 1,27,379.

The number of deaths has remained constant over the past five years. In 2020, 1.32 lakh of road deaths were recorded across the country, with the lockdown induced by Covid-19 leading to a reduction in the number. The new program aims to reduce the death rate by 30% by March 2027.

Cyclists, two- and three-wheelers, and pedestrians have been identified as “vulnerable road users” who account for around 54% of road crash fatalities in India.

As part of the new system, performance indicators have been proposed with the aim of reducing the impact of road accidents on these vulnerable users.

An Integrated Road Traffic Accident Database (IRAD) will be rolled out to all states by 2022-2023 and applied to identify and rectify all black spots on national highways and major district roads.

The road safety audit will be made compulsory on national highways and urban roads by the end of the program period.

From 2022 to 2023, the MoRTH will launch an annual “Challenge Round” to encourage States to participate in additional road safety interventions and also to promote competition between States.

“The grant of Rs 7,270 crore will only meet part of the program’s funding needs. States should make their own budget allocations and also implement projects in public-private partnership mode,” MoRTH said. to the states.

Independent verification agencies will review state achievements, on the basis of which the central grant will be released.

Some of the other major interventions discussed under the program are: installation of speed management devices on urban roads in cities over four lakh, national highways and national highways for increased enforcement, one number unique for reporting accidents, the development of dedicated lanes for two-wheelers on national and urban roads and the identification of priority corridors. State school boards will be required to introduce a chapter on road safety for grades 6-9 in 2022-2023 and up to grade 12 next year.

Deployment of an advanced traffic management system, vehicle safety campaigns and driver training, creation of a command and control (data) center for ambulances, creation of recovery centers Automated form for vehicles are some of the other initiatives planned under the program.

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