It was a bad decision that left a lasting impact on Albany man Greg Cross.

More than four decades ago, in New South Wales, Mr Cross, 20, was driving away from a party.

By his own admission, he was too drunk to drive.

“I had a serious car accident and ended up with a broken back,” he said.

“I woke up two days later at the Royal North Shore Hospital.”

His car had crashed into an embankment.

Mr. Cross has become a paraplegic and has been using a wheelchair.

He shared his personal story as part of National Road Safety Week.

Young Drivers Should Know They’re Not Bulletproof

“The accident was totally my fault,” he said.

Mr Cross said the events of that night touched many.

Mr. Cross wants young people to be patient and avoid risky situations in order to enjoy a long life.(Provided: Greg Cross)

“I shouldn’t have been on the road at the time because I had been drinking too much,” he said.

“And that decision was mine, it was the wrong decision.

“It certainly had a major impact, not only on me, but on many others.”

Mr Cross, who is married with two daughters and five grandchildren, said young people in particular need to think about their actions behind the wheel.

“I’ve always been positive and love life,” he said.

Mr Cross said young people might look at him and think: ‘Poor bugger’, but they could be in his situation in a ‘blink of an eye’.

“You’re young, you’re bulletproof and you think you’re invincible, thinking this will never happen to me,” he said.

“The highway code is there to be respected.

“Just be patient with what you do because you have a long life ahead of you.”

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