A video from the Mumbai Police Department uses Squid Game’s “red light, green light” to remind drivers of the dangers of ignoring the rules of the road.

Mumbai Police Department in India channeled Netflix ‘red light, green light’ challenge Squid game in a social media video reminding drivers of the importance of road safety.

The South Korean survival drama series Squid game quickly became a huge international hit after its premiere earlier this year, its first season drawing audiences from around the world. The show has played a particularly prominent role in social media, inspiring content ranging from Spider Man one crossover fan art Toy story animations with potentially dangerous Tik Tok trends. On Instagram, the official Mumbai Police account joined the Squid game craze in an effort to harness the horror of the show’s “red light, green light” challenge to do good. The department shared a clip from the first episode of the series that adds a finishing touch to demonstrate the real potential consequences of ignoring a red light.

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At first, the social media clip follows the progress of the show, from the announcer explaining the rules of the first game to Player 324’s failure to follow them. But instead of eliminating the player, the end of the video is cut into a real dash cam video of a car crash. The accident appears to be caused by a driver ignoring the instructions of a traffic light, and the resulting collision leaves two mutilated cars in the intersection.

“You are the ‘frontman’ of your ‘game’ on the road: you can save yourself from being knocked out,” the Mumbai Police Department wrote. “Stop at red lights. #SafetyNotAGame #EliminateSpeedGames.”

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The The famous “red light, green light” sequence has already been used to promote road safety in the real world. In early October, Netflix installed a 10-foot replica of Squid gameThe giant Manila singing doll in front of a shopping mall in Manila, the capital of the Philippines. There, the doll remains vigilant near a crosswalk to deter walkers. If he catches a pedestrian who is using the crosswalk outside of his turn, his eyes will light up red and his head will pivot to face the offender.

Netflix recently confirmed that Squid game became the most popular series launch of all time on the streaming platform, surpassing the former record holder Bridgerton. Bringing together audiences of over 100 million households in its first month of streaming, the series is poised to create $ 1 billion in value for Netflix. Even in China, where the streamer is not available and the authorities have banned Squid game in total, millions of Chinese residents still watched the show through illegal distribution.

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