Metro Pacific Tollways Corporation (MPTC), a subsidiary of Metro Pacific Investments Corporation, has signed a multi-year agreement with UNICEF to help support 100 schools in high-risk areas, potentially reaching 20,000 children.

MPTC’s support for promoting child safety on the road is in line with the UNICEF Second United Nations Decade of Action for Road Safety.

Studies by the UP-affiliated National Center for Transportation Studies (NCTS) show that in the Philippines, around 38 children die from traffic accidents every day.

  1. This matches global statistics according to which injury and violence have become a leading cause of death among children under the age of 18. It is estimated that approximately 2,270 children die each day from unintentional injuries.
  2. MPTC, including its affiliates, will support UNICEF’s work over the next three years to scale up models of improving road safety and safe travel for schoolchildren in high-risk areas, with awareness raising on the road safety, strengthened health systems, child-friendly urban planning, and improved principles of children’s rights in business practices, in support of global goals to reduce by fifty percent (50 %) the number of road fatalities by 2030.

The project will also help strengthen data on road traffic crashes among children, mobilize advocates, improve laws and policies, as well as improve attitudes and practices that promote safety, in support of UNICEF’s Childhood Traffic Accident Prevention Program (CRTIP).

MPTC will also integrate the principles of children’s rights into its business practices.

“Children have the right to a safe and healthy environment. Road accidents and fatalities are preventable. Despite alarming statistics, they often remain neglected in public health policies. MPTC’s support is an important contribution to the prevention of fatal road accidents through concerted efforts across all sectors and campaigns that educate motorists, children, families and communities about the risks and how to address them. prevent, ”said UNICEF Representative in the Philippines Oyunsaikhan Dendevnorov.

“We look forward to this program of cooperation with the UNICEF Children’s Road Safety Campaign, as it aligns with our advocacy for road safety for all motorists and passengers using our toll highways in the country. – and even in ASEAN, ”said Rodrigo E. Franco, President and CEO of MPTC.

“Road safety is of paramount importance to us in our Tollways group, and these concerns are incorporated into our infrastructure construction program and into our operations,” added Franco. “We see this collaboration as an opportunity for MPTC to intensify and expand the reach and scope of its road safety efforts, especially with the new focus on children. “

MPTC’s support to UNICEF’s joint effort on children’s road safety will help achieve Sustainable Development Goals 3.6 to halve the number of road traffic deaths and injuries globally .

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