Work is planned on some of La Crosse’s busiest roads, including George, Gillette, Main and Jackson streets and West Avenue

LA CROSSE, Wisconsin (WKBT) – Road building is nothing new here in La Crosse, and if you feel like there’s some sort of road building project going on all over the place this year, you you are not alone.

If you live on Gillette Street like Miriam Auman, you hear loud roadworks every day.

“Boring because I like to sleep in it,” Aumna said.

If you’re just driving around town, be prepared to take detours.

“It seems like they are catching up for a number of years or something,” said Deanna Mossman, a Holmen resident. “But yeah, that sounds like a lot this year.”

Or if you are from the Twin Cities area, you are used to construction.

“It’s not that bad,” said Jaleh Nahvi, a resident of Twin Cities. “But it’s different because they’re smaller streets… So they’re both equally frustrating but in different ways.”

And that’s understandable.

According to this site map of the town of La Crosse, more than 30 road construction projects are listed for this year.

Red lines indicate where road construction projects are located.

Some of La Crosse’s busiest roads are on the list, including George, Gillette, Jackson and Main streets and West Avenue.

So why are all these major roads worked in the same year?

“Usually we schedule our highway projects because of safety needs or pavement needs, as well as the funding available to meet those needs,” said Steve Flottmeyer, planning manager for the Wisconsin-region Department of Transportation. from the southwest.

Flottmeyer says he senses people’s frustrations.

“(We) certainly understand the difficulties of moving around at times due to construction,” said Flottmeyer. “But we’re trying to mitigate that as much as possible through our design process and public input.”

It’s all about patience, because no one wants to drive on bad roads.

“I would take the road building, because once they’re done the roads are beautiful,” Nahvi said.

Project end dates may change due to possible “unforeseen circumstances,” officials said.

La Crosse Street is scheduled for repair in 2022.

The construction season can go until November.

The city is spending more than $ 13 million on infrastructure projects in this year’s capital improvement budget.

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