A truck and a truck collided, killing five people on the spot in Battambang province on October 28. POLICE

The Ministry of Public Works and Transport called on the public to understand and obey road traffic regulations and laws in order to avoid accidents which often result in death, injury and property damage.

Departmental Secretary of State Min Manvy, who is also secretary general of the National Road Safety Committee, said most fatal traffic accidents are caused by drivers ignoring the law.

Manvy made the remarks during an online event hosted by the ministry on October 27 to answer questions from the public about the causes of the crashes.

According to Manvy, in the first nine months of this year, traffic accidents have left 1,888 people dead, 1,560 seriously injured and nearly 4,000 vehicles damaged.

She said the leading cause of traffic accidents during this period was speeding, which accounted for 36% of crashes that killed 457, followed by neglect to give way, which accounted for 24% with 189 deaths. Fifteen crashes were caused by not driving on the right side of the road, killing 163 people.

Other factors included reckless overtaking, drunk driving, vehicle condition, drowsiness and road conditions, she said.

But Manvy pointed out that the main reason for the crashes was drivers’ limited understanding of the rules of the road.

To reduce traffic accidents, the ministry said authorities should strengthen law enforcement and increase fines for violations.

“But the government wants to see all road users happy, safe and to avoid injuries and deaths from these accidents which can lead to poverty,” the ministry said in a press release after the live broadcast. .

The Director of the Institute for Road Safety, Kong Ratanak, said that the establishment of this program is a good initiative to provide an educational message and address the doubts people have when using the road.

He said that this is part of what is called social marketing, and that the effectiveness of this activity depends on the number of people who visit and most importantly participate in the surveys to clearly understand what needs to be done regarding the safety rules or the highway code.

“I suggest the ministry strengthen its Facebook page to reach more people and promote the program when most social media users are online, such as during lunch breaks or on vacation.

“Education alone is not enough to reduce the number of accidents or victims. There must be more legal and safety engineering restrictions, ”he added.

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