Up and over to them, Dearborn! Here’s everything you need to know to get this Thursday off to a good start.

First, today’s weather forecast:

A passing shower in the afternoon. Top: 48 Bottom: 36.

Here are the top stories in Dearborn today:

  1. Miller Road Reconstruction begin. (Dearborn Press and Guide)
  2. Henry Ford’s Greenfield Village reopens for the 2022 season on April 16 with the first permanent addition to the Mor. (Benzinga)
  3. Dearborn Area Pets Need A house: dogs and more. (Dearborn patch)
  4. Jack White kicking off tour, Dearborn’s Ramadan Suhoor festival is back, hip-hop at Eastern Market and plenty more to do. (Detroit Metro timetable)

From our sponsor:

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  • Next door neighbor, Fort Dearborn Mansion: “$$$$$ I need someone to pull some vines out of the chimney of my little west cabin. – I’ve got ladders. Easy job if you’re good at heights” (The next door)
  • Next door neighbour, Snow Woods: “I live in Detroit St. – in Nowlin…and throughout the summer, fall and winter, the Siamese in the neighborhood were on our porch crying for food and a shelter. We have a dog who doesn’t tolerate cats, but we bought a pet mat for a mini c…” (The next door)
  • Next door neighbor, Fort Dearborn Mansion: “Does anyone know of a good football league to enroll my 9 year old son this spring/summer – Does anyone know of a good football league to enroll my 9 year old son this spring/summer.” (The next door)
  • Nextdoor neighbor, Southwestern Outer Drive: “Hello. – I desperately need someone to finish my basement. My contractor Lloyd McClendon was supposed to do my basement in December but he kept putting it off. I confronted him the last week and he said he wasn’t going to do…” (The next door)

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You are now aware and ready to start this Thursday on the right foot! See you soon.

Dylan Siwicki

About me: I was born and raised on the Westside of Detroit, in the Polish blue-collar neighborhood of Warrendale. I am a Detroit Public School graduate who fought hard to earn my education. My aspiration to journalism came when I was young, when I started following the corruption scandal of former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. My first break into the world of journalism began with the opportunity to work at the Michigan Journal, where I primarily reported on campus and local news throughout the Dearborn community. I finally worked my way to the news editor. Correlated with working in journalism, I had an incredible opportunity to study and write about many different cultures and backgrounds at the Piast Institute, which also helped prepare me for this role. So, with first-hand experience growing up in a close-knit neighborhood, I know the importance of delivering news and telling stories that impact local communities. And as the latest news editor at Patch for Metro Detroit, it’s my job to deliver that news. So feel free to contact me about new tips or your own unique experiences at dylan.siwicki@patch.com

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