Ricky’s Fish Tacos by taquero Ricky Piña a announced last friday that it will cease sales to the public for the foreseeable future. Long operating out of a truck along Riverside Drive next to the LA River, Piña started as a stand in 2009 before moving to Silver Lake next to Vons on Sunset Boulevard with a truck in 2013. Tired of the grueling job of making a taco truck, Piña announced he was looking to sell the business and return to Tijuana in December 2020, but continued to operate. Asked on Twitter the reason for this month’s temporary closure, Piña said part of the reason was due to ongoing construction along the busy street. While it’s unclear how long the truck will be closed to the public, the taquero said it will be available for restoration work.

DK’s Donuts owner is selling his business in Santa Monica

Mayly Tao, whose family owned DK’s Donuts and Bakery in Santa Monica, talks to Market why she and her parents sold the business. Tao, who featured in the documentary “The Donut King,” said she grew up in the donut shop and eventually took over operations. Tao’s family may have sold the longtime Santa Monica boutique, but they’ll continue to do a donut bouquet business called Donut Princess and host short and sweeta podcast on women’s empowerment and small businesses.

A Complementary Review for 74-Year-Old Nick’s Cafe in Chinatown

Last week, Los Angeles Times Critic Bill Addison covered the stellar reopening of the former 101 Coffee Shop, which debuted as Clark Street Diner in Hollywood. In contrast, Addison give his opinion at classic Chinatown roadside eatery Nick’s Cafe, writing positively about the greasy spoon’s excellent ham and eggs.

A place for Ukrainian food in Hollywood

LA Taco has on Grandma Babushka’s Deli, a Ukrainian grocery store owned by Odessa. With plenty of prepared foods and dry goods, the hottest take-out spot is a slice of Ukrainian culture in Los Angeles from jazz musician and owner Konstantin Chvuim, who is known for playing tunes on the house piano .

In-N-Out Expansion in Los Angeles

What Now LA has the details on In-N-Out new locations scheduled for Southern California. There is a drive-thru that arrives in Valencia along The Old Road, as well as another in Santa Ana and another in San Diego. While In-N-Out is a popular LA brand founded in Baldwin Park, there are actually only four locations in the city of Los Angeles (excluding the Valley), most outlets being distributed in the county in other municipalities.

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