Swiss cement maker LafargeHolcim has partnered with IBM’s services arm to create a digital platform to improve road design.

LafargeHolcim claims that the ORIS tool can cut project costs by up to a third and carbon emissions by half, as well as triple the life of the road.

Roads vary depending on location, climate, types of vehicles and traffic volumes, so there are many potential choices of building materials and technologies. ORIS evaluates the most efficient construction and maintenance models, taking into account the availability and capacity of local materials.

Marcel Cobuz, Head of Europe at LafargeHolcim, said the company has already launched pilot projects with road authorities, international financial institutions and engineering companies around the world.

Hervé Rolland, vice president of industrial solutions at IBM, said: “Data-driven solutions and digital technologies have the potential to transform road construction towards more sustainable, circular, low-carbon techniques, low-resource and cost-effective.

“ORIS plays a key role in recommending appropriate and appropriate approaches to road construction, thereby minimizing costs, environmental impacts and project delays.”

Image: Road construction (Wabeno / Dreamstime)

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