A school in STRATTON hosted a special session to help students learn about anti-bullying, online protection and road safety.

Kingsdown School organized the event with a special focus on road safety due to the high number of traffic accidents on Hyde Road and to encourage pedestrians and drivers to be responsible and reasonable.

An elderly man was rushed to hospital after being hit by a car near the school in October, an 11-year-old boy was injured near the Beechcroft Road junction the same month and an 11-year-old girl years old was knocked down outside school in March,

Grade 10 student Callum Harris produced a road safety video while Libby Stevenson and Bobby Ward, members of the Grade 11 student leadership team, worked with staff to promote helpful messages to their students. classmates.

They ran a school assembly last week that was broadcast to all school staff and students.

During this assembly, the two students spoke forcefully about the importance of personal safety and came up with a smart slogan that the whole school adopted – Alert Today, Alive Tomorrow.

Director Emma Leigh-Bennett said: “We have seen far too many near misses on Hyde Road in the past year. As a school, we work with the board to obtain and make improvements in safety. It’s still too long.

“We have been very grateful to these groups for supporting our continued message of child safety. I wholeheartedly support Libby and Bobby’s message Alert Today – Alive Tomorrow.

“Kingsdown students, staff and governors are behind this, but the pace of security change is too slow. We need and must have more action from those who can make change and who can really keep our students alive tomorrow. ”

The school has partnered with Wiltshire Police, Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Services, Arval, Diana Award and Swindon Borough Council to host Safety Day as part of the personal development of students.

The day and future activities are sponsored and supported by Nationwide, Tesco, Michael’s Workwear, NSPCC, Matt Fiddes, TCG Media, Fitzparick’s Boxing Gym, Swindon Town Community Foundation, Bristol Diocese, Your Sport Swindon, Metro Bank, Swindon 105.5FM, Coles Scaffolding and payroll accountants.

A Nationwide spokesperson said: “We have partnered with the Diana Awards anti-bullying program to get 10,000 newly trained ambassadors into UK schools by 2023.

“We think that mutual respect and the ability to be who you are is really important, which is why we invited the Diana Award to Kingsdown School to share this message with its students.

“After the significant events of the past year, from Covid-19 to cultural movements, it is more important than ever to ensure that young people are safe and free from bullying behavior.”

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