ROADS chiefs are seeking comments on new security proposals for a dangerous Johnstone junction.

Renfrewshire Council plans to install pedestrian crossings on Walkinshaw Street and Dimity Street where they join High Street in the city center.

Two elderly women were run over at the junction of Walkinshaw Street and High Street last October, one tragically lost his life and the other in need of intensive hospital treatment.

The incident sparked calls for the council to take action and a four-week consultation was held in February.

A second survey has now been launched on the final proposals and residents are invited to share their thoughts before the January 5 deadline.

The results of the initial investigation produced a mixture of requests for parking restrictions, installation of some sort of crosswalk, traffic lights or one-way system.

But crosswalks are what council chiefs believe is the best solution for pedestrians trying to navigate the intersection.

In a statement, council officials said: “We looked at the history of the problems at this junction and they seemed mainly about the difficulty for pedestrians to cross the side streets, where they have to think about the traffic coming from four. different directions before crossing.

“The crosswalks were chosen because they are clear and visible to drivers and can be located closer to the High Street than a level crossing with puffins signposted which would have to be 20m apart to be safe. At this distance, we thought no one would want to use them.

“We rejected the idea of ​​a full traffic light intersection because the aim of this proposal is not to make life easier for users but to help pedestrians.

The council is also proposing to extend the yellow line outside Johnstone Carpets to ensure that the company’s drivers still have a place to unload.

If the responses to the plan are positive, then the local authority will pass the traffic order for the yellow line, identify the appropriate funding and appoint a contractor to complete the work.

Residents are encouraged to email if they wish to share their views on the proposal.

Alternatively, they can write to Environment and Infrastructure, Renfrewshire House, Cotton Street, Paisley, PA1 1BR.

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