Harrison County’s summer road construction season is coming to an end, with nearly 16 miles of road completed and underway.

County Road Administrator Luke Davis reported to Commissioners’ Court on Tuesday that a total of 15,297 miles had been driven.

“We still have 0.871 miles underway,” he said, noting that work was underway on American Plant Road.

“The rain kind of slowed us down,” Davis said. “With that, we’ll have almost 16,168 miles of road (completed).

Davis noted that construction crews have also completed road projects funded by a $ 901,867 grant from the County Transportation Infrastructure Fund (CTIF) that the county accepted last fall for the benefit of the Highways and Bridges Department.

“They have completed all the CTIFs (projects),” he said.

Davis also noted that they plan to begin sealing the 5,565 road miles that are included in the summer road construction plan soon.

And as the summer road construction program draws to a close, Davis said the roads and bridges department will resume its routine maintenance duties.

“I know you’ve all gotten a lot of calls about all the potholes and stuff, but we’ve had everyone (working) in construction to end the CTIF projects,” the CTIF said. road administrator. “So now we can catch up with a lot of our fixes and overlays. “

The Harrison County Commissioners Court approved the preliminary 2021 summer road construction plan in April, which called for a 19,619 mile reconstruction project.

According to the proposed plan, 7,541 miles should be rebuilt in District 1. They include one mile on Waskom-Elysian Fields Road (County Road 1214), beginning 1.5 miles north of Farm-to-Market Road 451; one mile on Candyman Road (County Road 1219), from FM 9; 1 = one mile from Ireland Williams Road (County Road 1106), beginning at Web Rogers Road; 0.446 miles from a route to be determined; 0.9 miles West Road (County Road 1311), commencing at the Panola County line easterly; 0.533 miles from Washington Road (County Road 1307); one mile from American Plant Road (County Road 1104), beginning one mile south of Frontage Road; and 1,662 miles from Key Farm Road (County Road 3038), beginning at FM 2625 south.

In Enclosure 2, a total of 4,710 miles of road was planned for reconstruction. The roads are: 1,810 miles from Cox Road (County Road 1001); 0.600 miles from Monigold Road (County Road 1004), commencing east of Birmingham Road; one mile from Lotta Road (County Road 2705), beginning at FM 9; and 1,300 miles from Lotta Road, from FM 134.

In Enclosure 3, a total of 4.950 miles has been proposed for rebuilding. The routes are: 1.5 miles from Smelley Road (County Road 3601), beginning at Peter Bonner Road, heading west; 0.6 miles from Noonday Road West (County Road 3600), commencing west of Laforge Road, which is one half of Enclosure 4; 0.55 miles from Noonday Road East (County Road 3700), from the west of Hickey Road, which is part of Half of Enclosure 4; one mile on Country Club Road East (County Road 3417), from Lansing Switch Road west; and 1.3 miles on Maple Springs Road (County Road 3405), starting east of Lansing Switch Road.

In Enclosure 4, a total of 1,918 miles has been proposed for reconstruction. The routes include 0.6 miles of Noonday Road West (County Road 3600), starting west of Laforge Road, which is halfway through compound 3; 0.55 miles on Noonday Road East, beginning west of Hickey Road, which is halfway into Precinct3; 0.330 miles on North Grand Avenue (County Road 4700); 0.167 road miles on Lake Street (County Road 4701); and 0.271 miles from Green Drive (County Road 4209).

The plan also calls for 5.565 miles of road sealer layers. Of those miles to be sealed, 1.6 miles are in enclosure 1, one mile is in enclosure 2, .965 miles are in enclosure 3, and two miles are in enclosure 4.

Of the 19.619 miles of road planned for reconstruction, 0.5 miles are designated for a special project at N. Marshall Industrial Avenue or County Road 4016, located in Enclosure 4, off the United States 59. The county will hire a contractor for the project, Davis noted previously.

Private road issuance orders

On Tuesday, the Commissioners’ Court approved the private road issuance orders for private roads located in the new estates of the Oakhill Subdivision in Ward 4. The first issuance order was approved for PR 3662, located at north of Noonday Road West (County Road 3600).

“We recently approved the Oakhill Farms subdivision estates off Noonday Road West, and we worked with Eastern 911 to give them a route number for a private road,” Davis said.

The second issue order has been approved for PR 3663, located west of PR 3662 in the subdivision.

“This is another private road in that same subdivision,” County Judge Chad Sims said.

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