The safety of used vehicles manufactured over the past 20 years can now be compared to a guide that governments hope will help reduce road tolls.

Monash University Accident Research Center published his last Used Car Safety Assessment Guide, by updating an earlier version from 2019.

The guide, based on a statistical analysis of police-reported crashes for more than 8.8 million vehicles, provides safety ratings for nearly 300 used car models made from 2000 onwards.

NSW Minister of Transport and Minister of Roads André Constance said three-quarters of vehicles purchased in Australia were second-hand.

He pointed out Examples of the best-performing cars when it comes to safety include the Toyota Prius, Ford Falcon, and Mitsubishi Outlander, among others.

The coronavirus has also caused production delays that have pushed more buyers to turn to the second-hand market.

“[The guide] gives drivers ratings for 276 vehicles so they can determine which option is the safest in their price range, ”said Constance.

The state’s regional highways minister said Paul Toole said more than 80% of regional drivers own used vehicles.

“Driving on country roads involves dealing with unexpected challenges including wildlife, natural hazards and climate change, so it is important that they know how safe a vehicle is,” Mr. Toole said. .

WA Road Safety Disaster Paul Papalia said the guide was helpful for drivers getting their first car.

“Safety devices such as airbags, autonomous emergency braking and lane departure warnings are proven lifesavers on our roads,” said Papalia.

“There are many affordable used cars out there with excellent safety ratings, and this guide makes it easy to find a vehicle that meets everyone’s needs.”


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