Giving top priority to vehicle safety standards, Union Roads and Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari announced on Thursday that the government will soon notify mandatory standards such as vehicle crash tests, seat belts security, alarm detection for drowsy drivers, etc., based on which a vehicle will be star rated only on the lines of other machinery products that occur all over the world including India.

Speaking at a press conference on ‘Automotive Safety Ecosystem in India’, Gadkari highlighted points to offer regarding general car safety in India.

Elaborating on other safety systems being implemented, Gadkari talked about Electronic Stability Control, Advanced Emergency Braking Systems (AEBS), Transportation of Dangerous Goods, Ease of Mobility for Divyangjan , Driver Drowsiness Warning (DDAW) System, Blind Spot Information System, Advanced Driver Assist. and Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS).

Gadkari said action is being taken as up to 1.5 lakh people die every year in 5 lakh road accidents across the country and all transport sector stakeholders aim to reduce these deaths by 50 % over the next two years.

The minister further said that the government has made it mandatory for car manufacturers to provide three-point seat belts for all forward-facing passengers in a car. “The standard will also be applicable for the center seat in the back row of a car,” the Union minister said.

“I signed a dossier on Wednesday to make it compulsory for car manufacturers to provide three-point seat belts for all forward-facing passengers in a car,” the road transport and roads minister said.

Currently, only the front seats and the two rear seats of most cars produced in the country are equipped with three-point seat belts. However, the middle or center rear seat of these cars is only equipped with a two-point or lap seat belt, similar to those provided in airplane seats.

Gadkari said there should be zero tolerance for road accidents. Road safety is a very serious issue and there should be zero tolerance for road accidents, Gadkari stressed on requirement of 4 additional airbags and 3-point seat belt to improve safety provisions .

There will also be a goal to have an independent agency (Bharat NCAP) assign ratings to automobiles in the country based on their safety features, the minister said.

The minister said a system is proposed for vehicle star rating based on the standards and protocol, to improve vehicle safety. He said this will allow the vehicle buyer to make informed decisions.

The minister stressed the importance of reducing noise pollution and the use of electric vehicles. Gadkari said the need of the hour is to create mass awareness of road safety measures through the dissemination of information through the media and people’s participation.

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