DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) – It’s road building season, and if you’ve been trying to take a walk through the village of East Davenport in recent weeks, you’ve probably noticed that the main entrance is blocked.

Mound Street businesses say they are in the dark when it comes to getting city updates on construction projects.

“Nobody told us anything. It’s been about 4 weeks now, “said Jessica Kinney, who owns Dolly’s Resale Shop and a jewelry store right next to the roadworks,” I’ve lost thousands of income over the past month because the roads have been closed, and this is the main road in the village.

According to an email the city sent to TV6 on Friday morning, the City of Davenport said the project started as a simple manhole replacement in early May and turned into something larger than expected.

Apparently, the road crew ran into conflicts over underground utilities, including an unmapped sewer and another main that ruptured and had to be repaired with the original manhole.

This is why the city says the project took longer than expected.

In the email to TV6, the city said it was in “frequent contact” with business owners in the area where construction was underway. Ross Murty, however, who owns Village Corner Deli, says he has not heard from the town, saying it is the construction team who are keeping him in the loop.

He says the lack of communication is an ongoing problem. “In the almost 14 years we’ve been here we’ve been isolated like an island,” Murty said, “it would be nice to have more communication from the town saying ‘Hey, this is what is happening. “

When asked, Murty and Kinney both said they understood the need for the construction, but wanted more advice from the city so they could tell their clients what’s going on. past.

“We’re always open here,” Kinney said, “the road closure doesn’t mean businesses are closed. There are a lot of nice stores that are still open during the road closure and we are all kind of waiting for them to reopen. “

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