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Coinciding with the 114th National Day, the widening and improvement of the 7.3 km Kurizampa-Gyelpozhing road started yesterday.

The road is part of the vital network that connects five dzongkhags in the east to the growing economic hubs of the towns of Gyelpozhing and Nganglam and the vast Indian market.

Inspired by His Majesty the King’s encouragement for young people to come forward to build our better and stronger nation out of the pandemic, DeSuung, in partnership with the Ministry of Public Works and Human Settlements (MoWHS), kicked off the construction of the road.

The construction of the road follows very successful hydraulic projects implemented by des-suups in the 20 dzongkhags over the past year.

The DeSuung National Service project builds the capacity of de-suups to build roads so that they can become skilled workers, competent supervisors, efficient managers and competent entrepreneurs in the future.

The project recruited a road designer, a project manager and an engineer from a reputable Japanese company to train the de-suups and oversee the project.

According to a press release, the aim is to compare the quality of road construction to major international standards with appropriate road geometry, slope protection, drainage, cross drainage and signage.

The pilot project also seeks to demonstrate the ability of Bhutanese to undertake infrastructure projects that are completed at cost and on time.

“Under normal circumstances and on the current schedule, the 7.3 km road widening is expected to take more than 20 months, but the project aims to complete the project in 12 months through careful planning, mechanization and by having two shifts a day to speed up the work, ”the press release said.

He also said that given the royal deep vision, ambitious scope and pioneering challenge, more than 100 deduplications have signed up for the pilot project which will integrate classroom sessions with on-the-job training at the site. “Twelve de-suups are currently trained to operate heavy machinery for road construction.

The Director General of the Roads Department, Tenzin, expressed his full confidence in the successful implementation of the project based on the enthusiasm and commitment of de-suups in the implementation of the water projects.

He also expressed optimism that the road project will have a positive impact in improving many other aspects of the construction industry, in addition to the competence of the disuups in road construction.

Zhabtog Lyonpo Dorji Tshering, who inaugurated the construction, said the project launched under royal command marks a milestone for quality construction with the use of modern technology.

He said there is not a single paver, yard plant and road roller operator essential to varnish the road in the country today. “Towards the end of the project, many skilled workers are expected to be produced to meet the growing demand in the construction industry. “

Meanwhile, residents and commuters of Gyalpoizhing are thrilled and excited by the news.

A resident of Gyalpoizhing, Tshering Wangdi, said it is a major road with hundreds of vehicles crisscrossing every day. “But it’s been quite a while since we’ve traveled the narrow pothole-filled stretch of road and I’m excited about the news.”

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