The construction of the Horadiz-Jabrayil-Zangilan-Aghband highway (the Zangazur Corridor), the foundations of which were laid by the Presidents of Azerbaijan and Turkey, is underway, reports Azernews according to the National Motor Roads Agency.

The highway starts from Ahmadbayli village of Fuzuli region and is under construction in accordance with the first technical degree. The first 77 km of the road will consist of six lanes and the remaining 46.6 km four lanes. The width of the platform is 29.5 and 21.5 meters depending on the number of traffic lanes.

As part of the project, three tunnels with a total length of six kilometers, called T1, T2 and T3, are being built along the route.

Drilling has already been completed on the 1,019 meter long T1 tunnel and concreting work is currently underway. The drilling was carried out in the 450-meter section of the T2 tunnel, which is 1,810 meters long, and in the 500-meter section of the 3,171-meter long one, i.e. the T3 tunnel. Currently, the drilling in the tunnels is carried out by blast and rupture methods. At the same time, parts of rocky soils are removed.

In addition, construction of 15 road bridges, five overpasses and 54 underpasses along the 123.6 kilometer long Horadiz-Jabrayil-Zangilan-Agband highway is planned. Currently, 14 bridges, three overpasses and 38 underpasses are under construction.

The construction of 306 circular pipes and 120 rectangular water crossings has been completed to ensure the transfer of water. The construction of 15 of the 60 emergency crossings for communication lines has also been completed and the construction of six crossings is in progress.

In addition, earthworks are underway on the first 110 kilometers of the highway. Thus, the widening and profiling of the road and the construction of a new landfill are implemented in accordance with the first technical degree. In parallel, the asphalt pavement is also under construction.

The construction is carried out under the direct supervision of the Azerbaijani National Automobile Roads Agency in accordance with construction norms and regulations, and is expected to be completed in 2024.

The Horadiz-Jabrayil-Zangilan-Agband highway is part of the Hajigabul-Horadiz-Aghband-Zangazur corridor and is of great importance in connecting Zangilan with other Azerbaijani regions, including Nakhchivan.

The establishment of the Zangazur corridor will contribute to revitalizing the road network of the South Caucasus. The corridor will also allow the construction of a railway line between Azerbaijan and Iran, as well as access to Iranian railways. At the same time, the Zangazur axis will have a motorway network in addition to trains. Thus, the creation of this corridor will also allow the opening of a road link.

The Zangazur Corridor and other transit transport corridors provided by Azerbaijan will reshape the transport map of the region. In other words, the new transport infrastructure will gain international status and become a route that countries in Asia and the Pacific can travel on.

The corridor will connect the mainland of Azerbaijan with the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, as well as with Turkey, and will bring new perspectives to the Turkish world as a whole. The corridor is of fundamental importance for the restoration of peace, security and cooperation in the South Caucasus.

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