BENI, September 13: The main contractor for the construction of the Beni-Darbang road has resumed construction work after a five-month hiatus. The assistant contractor had dropped construction of the strategically important section of road five months ago.

Now, the project manager has taken on the responsibility of completing the upgrading of the road connecting the rural communes of Managala, Malika and Dhaulagiri with the headquarters of the district of Beni.

Datyaram Thapa, subcontractor and representative of the road project whose contract was awarded to Samanantar-Lama JV, abandoned the site about six months ago.

Mahendra Shah, an engineer with the Samanantar Construction Company, said they have resumed work with a plan to complete construction of the road as soon as possible. “Up to 40 workers, six excavators, four dumpers, a tractor and a loader have been mobilized in the construction work since August 17,” he explained.

Construction work has been accelerated to meet the target of asphalting the 12.5 km long road by mid-May 2022. The contractor plans to increase human resources and equipment to reach the target. ‘goal.

The contract for an amount of Rs 450 million was signed on September 20, 2017 with an expiry date of January 18, 2020. So far, construction has experienced 60% physical progress, according to the Office for Infrastructure Development.


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