MCHENRY COUNTY, IL – There is a light at the end of the tunnel for those who are tired of the construction along Randall Road.

Construction is expected to be complete this summer, and the new, improved roadway is expected to be open to traffic by the end of June, according to the project’s website. So far, the project, which includes widening the congested thoroughfare, more turning lanes on Algonquin and Randall roads and a pedestrian underpass, is 70% complete.

Electricians worked last week to install permanent poles and signal heads, according to a McHenry County Transportation Division post. The temporary lights will remain for now and the permanent lights will be activated at a later date.

Construction has been underway since 2018. Improvements, ultimately, will include:

  • Randall Road will be widened to provide three passing lanes in each direction, with up to four for the portion between Bunker Hill/Huntington Drive just to Polaris Drive/Acorn Lane. Dual left-turn lanes and separate right-turn lanes will be provided at all signalized intersections.
  • Cross streets at the signalized intersection will also be widened to allow vehicles to enter Randall Road more efficiently.
  • Algonquin Road to Randall Road will have three left turn lanes, two through lanes and right turn lanes on both sections of the intersection;
  • A pedestrian underpass will be constructed just between Harnish Drive and Bunker Hill/Huntington Drive. A trail will then be built connecting the existing trails in the area as well as the new trail along Randall Road;
  • Multi-use trail (8 feet wide) along east side of Randall Road and south side of Algonquin Road;
  • Sidewalk (5′ wide) along west side of Randall Road and north side of Algonquin Road;
  • New signal added to existing Theater/Costco (Commercial Drive) entrances;
  • New signal added at the intersection of Randall and Stonegate roads;

The $45 million project is funded in part by federal funds, with the remaining 42% covered by McHenry County.

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