Tarring of the road from Cleanshelf-Nakeel Primary School to Ongata Rongai is currently underway. Construction of the road project was initiated by the Governor of Kajiado, Joseph Ole Lenku, to create easy access to shopping malls.

At the launch of the project, the governor assured the residents of Kajiado North of his commitment to change the landscape of the region and to honor the promises he made.

Modernizing the roads is expected to change the face of Ongata Rongai and boost its economic growth by attracting more investors to the city.

The expansion of the road network and the opening of densely populated areas in Kajiado North is one of the elements of the Rapid Results Initiative (RRI) program of the administration of Governor Lenku.

Lucy Ndirangu, a resident of Ongata Rongai, said it was a good initiative by the county government to implement development projects in the area while calling for the speedy completion of the tarring before the rains start.

“I appreciate the work the county government is doing in building this road. It was long overdue. I hope that the authorities will carry out this exercise as soon as possible because the condition of this road with the work in progress is deplorable. When it rains, I fear it will become almost impassable, ”she said.

The road is one of three launched by Governor Lenku as part of a tarring project in Kajiado Nord. Other roads that should benefit from the project are the Juanco-Olepolos road in the Oloolua district and the ring road around the proposed new market in the town of Kiserian.

By Amy Moyi

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