SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) – The Lamberth to Sherman road is tearing apart, as crews work to replace the bridge and portions of the street.

“This is a huge inconvenience and we understand it,” Sherman City Mayor David Plyler said.

The city is replacing the bridge there, but it’s a project that comes from another problem.

“The (sewer) pipes collapsed, the manhole collapsed and the city crews had to go out twice a day to manually empty this – and that was a big mess and a big problem.” , said Mayor Plyler. “So the decision was made to just turn it off. “

In late June, the city began work on the sewer lines in the Travis area and Lamberth Road, which had collapsed on their own.

Now the city plans to raise the street to the height of the manhole by almost 3 feet.

“The elevation of this manhole will be the new elevation of the street, so it will be much higher, the road will be wider, and hopefully solve the flooding problem,” said Mayor Plyler.

Residents and employees in the area are told that construction is expected to last until mid-November.

It is a project funded by FEMA and the city’s capital improvement program budget.

“We are turning over and repairing the sewer lines that we can access. We are conducting a downtown survey and study on utilities and sewer lines. We will have these results soon, ”said Mayor Plyler.

Mayor Plyler says that when completed it will improve the city for years to come.

“It will be a great addition to our city and it will make this intersection so much better,” said Mayor Plyler.

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