To date, the county has received $124.8 million in bond proceeds, just under $1 million from West Florence fire bonds, $13.2 million from the county’s debt service fund , $4.2 million in interest and about $700,000 from other sources.

The county has spent $142.7 million and still has $1.4 million in outstanding purchase orders as of October 31. He also transferred $604,500 to the county’s general fund.

The levy has been approved to pay for several hundred projects including 574 road projects. Almost all of these projects have been completed.

Information provided to council this month indicates that there are two resurfacing projects underway in District 1 (Jason Springs), the Dargan Street sidewalk project in District 3 (Al Bradley), two dirt paving in District 6 (Toney Moore), the last road in District 7 (Reverend Waymon Mumford) was completed in mid-December, and several resurfacing projects have recently been completed in District 8 (Buddy Brand ) and 9 (President Willard Dorriety Jr.).

Sales Tax on Capital Projects III

The third-penny sales tax was approved by voters in November 2020 and went into effect May 1. It will remain in effect for seven years.

So far, the county has received $120 million in bond proceeds and $72,111.83 in interest and has spent $11.9 million.

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