It was a scene on a Murraylands road that would put any witness in sudden fear and shock.

With heavily crushed cars, debris strewn across the road, emergency service vehicles, and actors playing road trauma victims, Disher Hill Road in Callington has turned into a major accident scene.

SAPOL’s latest road safety advertising campaign is underway to reduce the number of lives lost on regional and rural roads in the state.

Filming will take place in Callington over a three-day period.

A scene shot with debris all over the road.

SAPOL Deputy Commissioner Ian Parrott said the reason for the announcement was to film a series and target the gravity of the situation.

“71 lives have been lost on the roads of South Australia this year,” said AC Parrott.

“Two-thirds of these lives are people from rural areas. They lost their lives about 20 km from their home. 50 of those lives took place in regional areas.

“This series of commercials which will be broadcast on television in the near future is designed to reinforce to those working and living in the country that no one is safe from the five fatal ones. Drunk and drugged driving, speeding, distraction, seat belts and dangerous road users. “

The scene was very realistic and had a very unsettling feel about it.

The scene was very realistic and had a very unsettling feel about it.

Road Safety Minister Vincent Tarzia said the new road safety campaign is a crucial initiative to save regional lives.

“You can see from the big scene here in Callington, these are some of the unfortunate scenes our first responders have to respond to.

“Every life lost on our roads is a tragedy and we are trying everything we can to try to stop these deaths and injuries.

“You can’t be complacent on our roads. That’s a simple message. You can’t take your eyes off the road. Even if you drive these roads day in and day out, it doesn’t take much to cause death or death. serious injuries.

“Our rural communities are tight-knit communities and they are the ones who unfortunately have to go pick up the pieces and witness some of the most gruesome scenes you can imagine.”

Campaign production underway at Callington to limit regional live losses


SAPOL’s latest road safety advertising campaign will be filmed in Callington.

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Crash scene.

AC Parrott said the regional accident figures are unfortunately much higher and in a stable frame.

“We are really focusing on some of the myths and issues that locals have and think about with traffic accidents,” said AC Parrott

“They think it is the city dwellers who cannot drive on the country roads who are dying. Statistics clearly show that it is the country people who are dying on the country roads.

“It’s soul destroying to come to scenes like this and most of the time with campaign accidents, it’s someone the community knows or has heard of. It just has an effect. multiplier.”

The campaign will be marketed in mid-October. It will be featured on billboards, television, regional press and digital platforms.

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