Northstar Clean Technologies Inc. announced that it has begun steady-state production at its fully-built asphalt shingle reprocessing plant in Delta, British Columbia.

The Empower pilot facility reprocesses discarded single-use asphalt shingles into liquid asphalt, fiber and aggregate, allowing these products to enter the circular economy while diverting waste from landfills.

The company is now producing “green asphalt” to the exact specifications the company has set out to produce at the Empower pilot facility.

Mr. Aidan Mills, CEO and Director of Northstar, said, “A critical measure of any energy transition, an ESG-based cleantech company demonstrates that its transformational technology actually works. In order for Northstar to do this, we need to produce the end products from our factory to the specifications we expected, in a repeatable way. Therefore, we are very pleased to report that the Empower pilot plant is not only producing exactly the end products we had anticipated, but we have also launched the production plan to do so repeatedly.

Empower pilot plant operations

The company has launched steady-state production, which is expected to deliver asphalt shingle throughput in the range of 10-20 tpd up to 4-5 days per week.

Steady-state operation will continue at these levels with the aim of demonstrating repeatable production in terms of safety, quality and production time (hours per day and days per week).

More importantly, the two main output products (liquid asphalt and aggregates) are produced exactly as planned, meeting the specifications of the company’s end product.

The production of specification products has enabled the company to deliver samples of its “green asphalt” and aggregates to several major road construction companies, shingle manufacturers and other industry stakeholders. These samples now allow for detailed technical analysis by a wide range of potential clients of the company.

An in-house testing capability has also been established at Empower’s pilot facility, enabling the development of a quality assurance program for the company’s reprocessed products.

Since October 2021, the company has been implementing the changes identified by the unit-by-unit commissioning of the company’s proprietary BEST process. This commissioning process, combined with the steady-state production ramp-up, provided a clear roadmap for targeted commercial production levels at 50-75 tpd.

Mr. Mills continued, “We are delighted to have finally entered this critical stage in the development of our business, as we now have a ‘proof of concept’ and viable technology. Importantly, this technology is the basis of our ongoing independent engineering design study for our future scale-up facilities. Therefore, this announcement is a major inflection point for the company as it proves to the market that our technology works and validates our business model, as we have decided to scale this technology to an install size that we can expand across North America. Marlet.”

“Our goal is to maximize the applicability of what we believe is the ‘greenest’ asphalt in North America,” continues Mills. “By delivering this, we will be in the unique position where our asphalt shingle reprocessing could not only divert approximately 40,000 tonnes of shingles per year per facility currently sent to landfill, but these products can be applied in many markets. . We believe we now have a long-lasting and proven solution that can help solve North America’s waste asphalt problem.

“I would like to thank our shareholders for their continued support and patience. I would also like to thank all the members of our operational team for helping us reach this critical moment. Our operational team has worked tirelessly to achieve this important milestone for our business. We greatly appreciate your efforts,” concludes Mr. Mills.

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